Wakuwaku Yakiniku

Singapore’s First Halal Yakiniku

Crafting Culinary Excellence: Premium Yakiniku

Our comprehensive suite of premium cuts caters to every pallette, from every part of the cow to authentic A5 Japanese Wagyu.

New Era

Culinary Visionary Michael Lee, Founder of King of Wagyu (KOW), and Acclaimed TV Commercial Director, joins forces with Hip Hop Entrepreneur, Sheikh Haikel and wife, Anna Belle Francis to elevate Wakuwaku Yakiniku, 27 Bali Lane (Singapore) to be Singapore’s first Halal Wagyu Experience Center!

Wakow Farm

Our new partnership with KOW (King of Wagyu) has brought us the best Halal Japanese Wagyu. Their strong ties with Tanifuji Farm from Japan enables us to offer our customers an exceptional and exclusive product

Halal A5 Wagyu Beef

Premium Japanese A5 Wagyu

The WAKOW farm features our premium Wagyu A5 from Japan. Come and pick a choice to bring home or you can choose to dine in to have it right away.

Aged Meat

The beginning of a new exciting era of The Aged Meat here in Wakuwaku Yakiniku. The Aging meat enhances its flavor and tenderness. During the aging process, enzymes break down proteins and fats, resulting in a more tender texture and intensified taste. Additionally, the development of certain flavors, like nuttiness and umami, contributes to the overall deliciousness of aged meat.

“When you break bread with somebody, it becomes blood

~ Sheikh Haikel

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